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Bruce Blanchard started to dance Hiphop in 1993. He has grown to be an internationally known dancer who can be recognized by his own unique style of Hiphop. He gained a lot of experience over the past 25 years and developed in his profession as choreographer, artistic director, creator and dancer with a rich artistic baggage. Bruce is the founder of B.O.S.S. TEAM, B.O.S.S. DANCE COMPLEX in Ghent, KOBO POWER and AKUNA FITNESS. 

His foundations stretch far beyond Belgium: he has won numerous prestigious competitions such as Juste Debout Germany 2006, Unique Battle Genèvz 2009, Nothing But Flavor 2010, UK Champs Germany 2012, Juste Debout Finland 2012, Redbull Classic Experimental Sessions 2012,… These helped him build his reputation through which now he is a respected judge for Hiphop battles in the World. Above that, he has given live performances in various countries and has taught masterclasses all over (as far as Broadway Dance Center NY and Boogiezone LA).

Next to his choreography and dance work, his skills as a personal trainer within the field of fitness, weight loss and toning for all kinds of people (with a specialization in working for artists) are in high demand because of his personalized and thoroughly developed workout schemes.

His roles as personal trainer, judge for dance competitions, choreographer, artistic director, teacher, performer and dancer all collectively contribute to his holistic goal of sharing his energy and creativity with all dancers of all styles and backgrounds over the world.



  • I wish you all an amazing waving Monday 🌊 Be water my friends 💧☔️ ✖️ Little part of my solo project @theatrecampos // @mestizoartsplatform @Wipcoop ✖️ ✖️ D.A : @zach_swagga 🎵 @tismebeats ✖️ Contact booking : // @v_agency__ ✖️ ✖️ #UNPASSÉsiPRÉSENT 
  • When is Valentine’s Day and you are in the dance studio with ya Boy @the_belgiumz 🔥 @baloothecage 
No seriously 
Imagine how powerful you felt when someone believed in you. Imagine what can happen if you encourageed someone today. Your words alone can be the turning point for someone. Spread hope. Be the conduit that reveals and represents great possibilities. You can make a difference!
Happy Love day guys🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾 🔐 @slavik_stylez 
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  • Work in progress of my solo project calling #UNPASSÉsiPRÉSENT
During Wipcoop in Gent.

Art Director : @zach_swagga 
Cc: @mestizoartsplatform | @v_agency__ 
Booking : 🎶 @silviaperezcruzzzzz | @tismebeats 
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  • This year is a challenging year for me!
Will be focused on becoming a better person, on the people I love. Back to performing and creating new stuff & on my new LOVE DJing!
But I make a promise to my Russian team @akunafitnessrus that we will start to share love with the world with our amazing fitness concept Akuna Fitness ➡ @akunafitness_official ⬅
I created this concept to give business opportunity to all my dancers & African dance lovers in the world.
This concept is not only about dancing. It’s mixed with some body weight exercices (cardio & focus on the butt & Abs)
You will lose between 500-850 calories.
If you don’t believe me.. join us in Antwerp 4PM
📍 @thebrick_antwerp
For a crazy workout party 🎊 👙🍑✨🎧😜
For more info & to become Akuna Fitness instructor contact us via our DM or mail.
SPICE UP YOUR BODY 🌶🌶🌶 Cc: @irina_kiteculo @danceconnectru @anastasiya_8 🎧 #Akunamusic by @djspilulu ⠀
  • 🕹The places I love to be: Dance floor 🕹
⚡️The place I like to be in BXL : @belgium_unity #SessionÇaDance ⚡️ 🎥 @boochra.bat
  • Moscow your boy is coming really soon 🇷🇺 ▪️ From 30/03 till 05/04
Contact ▪️ @v_agency__ :
▪️Choose your style
✨Dance, Fitness classes and more ⚡️
#bruceblanchardOnTour 🪐
  • Forgive yourself for not knowing better. You’re wiser now and you’ve learned so much to make better choices. It’s a new day for you. End the guilt trip and regret. Move upwards and forward into your new desired state. Your mental shift will create a new world for you...
Happy Monday👐🏽 #UNPASSÉsiPRÉSENT 
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  • 🕹 🏆@_iamnewfeet_ 🎥 @ilovethisdanceofficiel 
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  • Don't think outside the box. Think like there is no box... ▪️ Working progress of my new solo project >>> #UNPASSÉsiPRÉSENT in collaboration with @WIPCOOP 
The story of the attentat in Brussels ( Zaventem)
▪️ DA : @zach_swagga 📸 @karolina_maruszak 
Booking info:

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✊🏿 @kobo_power // 🍟 @the_belgiumz // 🌊 EOFutur NYC Gang 
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